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BWB(Basketball Without Borders) Basketball Competition

Basketball Without Borders in Hsinchu County 2021

My dear friends,

   First, I would like to say thanks for your support for our Basketball Without Borders basketball tournament in Hsinchu County on behalf of the host city as well as main organizer. As you may or may not know, this is very first time for this region to host this kind of the sporting event for migrant workers. However, due to the pandemic COVID-19 situation, we cannot but postpone or cancel this event. This is a tough decision for every one of the organizing committee. Indeed, this is not an end. My team will continue to carry out more efforts in this regard in the future, and is asking you for further involvement whenever possible. Please keep in touch. 
Last but not least, please take care of yourself and forward my blessing to all of your teammates. 

Dr. Huang

Attention: The registration will be close at 17:00 on 14th May (Friday) due to the currently Covid-19 situation in Taiwan.

  1. Organizer:

  2. Advising unit: Sport Affairs, Ministry of Education
  3. Host city: Hsinchu County
  4. Main organizer: Center for Sport Business and Policy of National Tsinghua University
  5. Co-organizers: Zhubei City, Hsinchu County Sports Association, Hsinchu County Basketball Associations
  6. Competition date: 2021/05/29(Sat) – 30(Sun)
  7. Competition Time: 09:00 – 17:00 (base on the number of teams)
  8. Venue: Boai South Road Basketball Court, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County (next to the China Medical University Hsinchu hospital)
  9. Competition group: Men’s Group
  10. Eligibility of players: Migrant workers in Taiwan
  11. Event entry:
  1. Entry deadline: From now until 17:00 on May 21st or the first 24 teams will be accepted. Overdue will not be accepted.

Registration procedures: The electronic entry is available. Please submit the entry form via email (sportbusiness@gapp.nthu.edu.tw) or URL ( https://www.beclass.com/rid=24462f1607b0094705a2 )

  1. Registration Fee: FREE
  2. Team composition: one team delegate, one head coach, one assistant coach, one staff and 12 players. 
  3. Official ball: Assigned size 7 basketball by the main organizer
  4. Event official website and registration URL

 (a) Event official website: http://cfsbp.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/426-1498-32.php?Lang=en

(b) Registration URL:


  1. General regulations

1. Residential ID card or sufficient proof of migrant worker identity shall be prepared by 10 minutes before the game start.

2. Any change of team members is not allowed after submitting the entry form.

3. Each player/team shall turn up at the scheduled time for the match. Any team that fails to turn up 10 minutes after the official commencement time or dispatches less than 5 players during the match will be regarded as having withdrawn from the match and the opponent will be judged as the winner by the organizer.

4. Each team must prepare numbered jerseys.

5. A team will be charged with a forfeit and all results of previous games will not be count if it uses an ineligible player that is not on the roster.

6. The referee have the power of making decision on any point that not specially covered by the rules during game time.

  1. Awards:

1. Participation Prize: All players will receive a souvenir.

2. Champion:  one Trophy and gift certificate 8000 NTD (the value of gift certificate will be reduced half if participating team are less than 12.)

3. 1st  Runner-up: one Trophy and gift certificate 6000 NTD (the value of gift certificate will be reduced half if participating team are less than 12.)

4. 2nd  Runner-up: one Trophy and gift certificate 4000 NTD (the value of gift certificate will be reduced half if participating team are less than 12.)

5. 3rd Runner-up: one Trophy and gift certificate 2000 NTD (the value of gift certificate will be reduced half if participating team are less than 12.)

  1. Appeal:
    No appeal will be accepted. The decisions of the referees on the spot will be final.
  2. Penalty:
    Fighting by any individual (either on or off the court) or Calling any of the officials, timekeepers, scorekeepers, or any member of the basketball committee insulting names will result in removing the competition rights of the team and the results of previous games will not be counted.
  3. Competition format and rules
  1. Competition format:

Group round robin system will be adopted in the preliminary round and single elimination system will be adopted in the final round. Main organizer can modify the competition format by circumstance.  Point Scoring System shown as below.

  1. Winner gains 2 points for each game. Loser and unfinished game gains no points. Standing will decide by points that every teams get. The most points the team get will be the winner.
  2.  If two teams score the same points in group stage, the winner will be the win side of the match between the two teams.
  3. If more than 2 teams score equal points, the winner will be determined by the goal differences of the respective matches played by the teams involved. 
  1. Competition rules
  1. The duration of each match will be 32 minutes. The game shall consist of 4 periods of 8 minutes each. There will be intervals of 1 minute between the first and second periods, and between the third and fourth periods. The half-time interval (i.e. between the second and third periods) is 5 minutes. During game time, time of both free throw and time out will be suspend and the rest will not be stop.
  2. If the match ends in a draw within the normal playing time, there will be an extra period of 5 minutes. If the match still ends in a draw after the extra time, 5 players of each team should be assigned to shoot a free throw at the penalty line and the “sudden death” rule will be adopted.
  1. Contact unit: Center for Sport Business and Policy of National Tsing-Hua University

(1) Phone: 03-5715131#71530

(2) E-mail: sportbusiness@gapp.nthu.edu.tw

  1. If there is any inadequacy in this prospectus, the organizer reserves the right to amend in the future.

Participants must fill in their date of birth and the residential ID number clearly in the entry form in order to prevent their personal rights. (For insurance purposes only)


▼Rules & Regulation▼